10 Right wisdoms about “becoming rich in 5 minutes”

Get rich? What does that even mean? To be healthy? To have a family? Have a good business with a lot of money? … All that at the same time? Today the world is so weird, and money is very, and for some people, the most important thing. When we don’t have money, we want just a little of it, because we need food and everything. And when we have some money, we want more, because we need the power and everything. Like the most expensive shoes, or maybe a helicopter…  We just need to choose what do we really want. What we mean by rich… What we EXACTLY want…  Then we need a job. And that’s it. But why is not that easy as it seems? What’s all that mystery about it?    On ten;

1.Just Go

Before starting your business, write it on a piece of paper:  Goal. Strategy. And set a deadline. Whatever you do. Do it perfectly. Regardless of the salary. If you are a waiter, be the best you can be. Be the one who is kind and professional at the same time. In every moment.

2.Realistic, but high goals

Be realistic but don’t be afraid to set the highest goals. You must have high goals to get rich.

3.MUST have

Persistence + stubbornness

4.Make changes

Change your job, if needed, and as many times as it takes. Without stumbling. I often hear: “Then I have to start from the beginning” Wrong. It’s not from the beginning. It’s just a continuation… a better one…  – if you’ve been selling a maximum of 200 pancakes a day for two years, and your goal was 500 after one year… something needs to change. Your goal should be achieved. Isn’t that right?  so, don’t force it…with pancakes… Change it. Immediately. Forcing is a waste of time.

5.Three Dont’s

Don’t set this goal for yourself: To be rich! -That’s not the goal. That’s superficial. Your goal must be “higher” than that.

Don’t tell anyone what your plan is. Anyone. “Work hard in silence, let success make the noise”.

Don’t give up. Never. That doesn’t mean that you need to put your head through the wall… just to change your strategy if needed or something. But never give up.

6.Three Believes

Believe in your goal.

Believe in yourself. No matter what anyone says. Anyone.

Believe your intuition. You can hear bits of advice from other people, but always do it on your own. You never know how someone actually succeeded… Or did he ever succeed? Business building

7.Mistakes?  …a proof you’re raising. 

If you’ve already failed five times to achieve your goal, try the 6th. That’s the only way! So what if someone succeeded the first time and you didn’t? That doesn’t mean anything. Go on…

Everything you imagine you can accomplish, you just can’t be afraid of making mistakes. Mistakes are welcome. Go on.   …If there are no mistakes behind you, you can’t know how something doesn’t work. And If you don’t know how it doesn’t work, you can’t know how it works… so there is a big risk for you of making a mistake… The safest way to never make a mistake is to do nothing. Good luck.

8.Reach the goal

When you reach the goal, set the next one. You always have to climb up. Going straight means you are going down. Business is like a video game. And the most important rule in this game is that everyone decides only for themselves. Respect the other players.

9.No limit

There is no limit. Everyone can be successful. There are no more successful or less successful ones. There are just successful and lazy ones.

10.Only the most persistent knows how much 5 minutes actually are

Yes. You can get rich in 5 minutes. But that doesn’t mean always that you’ll start working at 5:10 and become rich at 5:15. That means you’ll start working at 5:10. And it will happen … or at 5:15. Or next year at 5:15. It depends on how persistent, smart and lucky you are.  But it’ll happen… If you really want it, and If you really know what you want.

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