Complicated complicators

As much as I’m sure of myself being a simple person, everyone else around me, is also sure that I’m very complicated. Now and finally I think I see the problem…

You have definitely met somebody who was complicating something that you would do simpler? But, even you aren’t aware of that, what you think it’s complicated, maybe and actually, is simpler than your simplest solution…Which then becomes complicated in its turn.

We can actually defy all that. Everyone in its own way. But since this is my blog, I’ll break it in my own way.  With great conviction (as always) that I’m right;)

I still don’t understand why I’m complicated if I order a drink without ice?

Or if I don’t like cabbage…? Or if I look at the menu in the restaurant…?
Please look at your menu.

What’s complicated in all that? That’s very simple actually. But if someone complicates things in one of these simple situations, then of course situation becomes simply…complicated.

A drink without ice?  What’s complicated there?   Simply don’t put ice in my drink…It can’t be simpler than that. But it’s still complicated…For them…Who are so convinced that the drink should always be served with ice. So when you ask a drink without ice, it’s complicated.

I’m sure complicated is most of the time… in fact very simple, even simpler than the simple one. So why do we, for someone around us, look so complicated… and in fact, we are very simple…? …it’ll never be perfectly clear to us. But if we think … about it… sometimes… simple may become too simple and then it looks complicated…

Everyone is simple and complicated at the same time and in their own way. We are all complicated complicators. We can call complicated a simple person, so we can be(look) simpler. Or we can call a simple person complicated because it’s complicated TO US.

Firstly, we need to ask ourselves… is it something really complicated or just different? Or it’s something what’s complicated for you, actually very simple for someone else? Don’t complicate what’s simple with calling it complicated. Because then you become a complicator. Is there really anything that we can call complicated?

And hey. Why is simply better than complicated anyways? 

Omg, they’re right. I’m so complicated… But I heard somewhere that…

“The best things in life are complicated”

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