Fake care fools

At the moment I gave birth to my son… I discovered something I had never known before. I discovered how smart all these people around me are. They are really so smart.

They are all such good educators, counselors, advisors, “under the eye” watchers, “word throwers” from the street and such good assistants you don’t even know you have them…    

They will explain to you …everything… about your child… no matter whether they know or they just think they know it. You don’t even have to ask them …and everything free of charge. You just… have to love them. And I mean all of them…parents and non-parents. They all know how, when and what you need to do with your child… Such amazing people.

They speak to you dominantly and with certainty in what they say…regardless you are asking or not… they impose their opinion on you and you as a parent…with that look on their face… “a sheep’s look.”

For example: At the moment you are experiencing one of those “crazy” moments with your child… like when your child throws at the floor demonstrating in front of the store because you didn’t want to buy him the same toy car you already have at home. So… your child cries, screams and demonstrates on the floor as if something tragic happened…  At that point, it’s not enough the situation that you have to deal with. It’s not enough to take a deep breath, try to calm yourself, and your child as well… and to try to dig up a psychological move that you think will help you in the situation. No. Not enough. What you need at that moment is definitely someone who has no idea what’s going on and someone who doesn’t know you or your child personally. Exactly. At that moment the best thing that can happen to you is a “fake care fool” passing by. You need someone to get close to you and tell you what to do. To tell you that what you are doing is not right…

so while you trying to use all of your intelligence, knowledge, experience, parenting psychology, your habits … to, somehow and in your way, overcome your situation. you will most likely get an additional burden on the side of the surrounding detectives, smarty pants, doctors, fake scientists … and others who will appear on your field between you and your child to tell you what to do or what not to do… Like you’re…a “fool”.

Also… sometimes your neighbors will tell you that your child is crying, screaming or eating too much… and then they will explain to you what your child actually needs, why is that happening and stuff… because your neighbors have kids… Wow…

…I remember I was a passenger on that plane… as well as the other 150 people. Of which there was a couple with their little baby. Then… I didn’t have a child yet. The flight lasted for 8 hours. That baby cried for 6. It was very difficult … for parents and for the baby! …not that much for us / anyone around them. Most of the people on that plane approached the parents, asking them to quiet down their baby, blamed them for their baby’s cry, with giving them a million of: “you should have” and “you should”… I couldn’t believe it. I wondered how all that must be difficult for a small baby and for the parents… They looked so terrified. When the baby cries, you have to reveal what’s bothering her/him… it can be anything. And you are on the plane… you have to endure a long flight… and then … you have all that additional fake care fools on your back. I was sorry for those parents who were extremely upset … they were worried about the baby, they tried to calm her down. They looked like heroes to me. I wanted to help them, but I didn’t know how … but most of them … selfish people and without feelings … didn’t care, they wanted to…  sleep … eat … I still don’t know why and how they didn’t? I did. They could just put the earphones in their ears and listen to the music or watch a movie… That was a situation at the moment … accept. Help or don’t, but don’t make it worse. Be a human…    Read:  Skip.

…these are just a few examples But you have to be careful. They are like termites. they are everywhere… on the street, where you get told their pearls of wisdom:  How cute he/she is, how nasty he/she is, take off his jacket, it’s hot, put on her jacket, it’s cold, blah, blah … some people will want to raise your child too … they will stay next to you and they’ll say “no” to your child for doing something … So blurry… they don’t see that they aren’t the best choice to educate anyone since they are not well-educated themselves

I mean… Who the fuck are those overly smart people…? That “fake care fools”…?  Where they come from? What they want anyway…?  A slap?

This is a total sarcasm… I know you know that.  If you’re a “fake care fool”… stop being that…please. Especially if nobody asks you anything… I mean look at your hairstyle…

And if you experience something like this in a position of a victim, from that “fake cares fools”, then let this blog help you handle such situation … “Spray them with a smile. They just need attention… as well as the child.



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