FATty goose

I had the account opened in a small city bank in town… For my old company. That company has been closed/changed for years now… And today, two days before the end of this year I got a notice that that account at that bank is still open… even nobody uses it…  they asked me to come to close that account because of the formality and because I’ll not use it anymore.

We woke up in the morning (my son (2) and me) and we went together to the city at that bank. It was a rainy day. The weather was really bad… the stay at home-like weather… But we dressed appropriately (and at the same time really nicely and modern:)) …and we went out.

I had my dance pants on, a beautiful purple-pink sports jacket and a modern and cool hat. When I think of it now…it was really cool look:) And my son was dressed in the same style. We looked like really cool mom and son…

Dressed like this we entered the bank. and we pressed the button business…:). Can you believe it?

There were three people waiting in the line and I thought … great … this is going to be fast… So, like I said… I pressed the service button I needed (business and other) and I waited for my number… In the same second, I looked at the monitor … and I saw my number …I said: “Already? WOW” (my son also repeated: “wow”, that was so cute:) ) But…obviously we were not properly dressed and we looked too much as a family and not so much as business people for the button we pressed:)

…the three people in the line who were waiting were surprised that we are suddenly in front of them… They asked: “How?”

(I understood very well what’s happening; I knew that the business in banks is often – a priority)

A fat lady at the counter, which I was approaching… was obviously angry at me and she loudly said to me:

(I called her FAT in this blog because…she deserves it. She wasn’t actually so fat, she just gained some weight for the holidays:))     

SHE: ”Why did you press the business button If you aren’t that…?”

My face was talking in that moment: “What just happened ?…

And I replied“Please, how can you conclude/know, if I am a business person or not just like that?  because of my clothes? my child? …”  She answered with so much confidence”Because I already know when someone is a business person… They usually have some papers in their hands” -Hahaha, what??? I wanted to tell her this: “You’re fat”. (that’s the only thing you could say to her at that point) …but I didn’t … I left it for the blog:) … I just…laughed shortly, ignored all that and I demanded a service.

But she continued to talk“It’s not because of me, I’m just sorry for the others who have to wait.” – I can tell, she was so funny…And FAT:)!   “People are quick to judge but slow to correct themselves”

Like I said; it is normal that the line for business users moves faster … business people in banks are often a priority … and when she saw me with a baby and in a dance outfit, without a suit, a briefcases and papers in my hand:) she started thinking… which is not her stronger side obviously…

“Men in suits look really successful until you find out they work for the men in T-shirt and jeans”

So after 10 minutes of searching for my ex-company on the computer, the FATty goose found it and said: “hmmm, everything is ok here, you just have to sign here and here on the header of this business document and you will also need to sign one of the documents with our Business clients manager upstairs”.  I said: “Thank you for everything. I’m so glad for two things; We have finally found out that I’m your business client…. and the other thing is the fact that I closed the account in this bank…:) Goodbye.”

Isn’t she the fat goose?:)    …Geese, please excuse this analogy;)



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