Full time unemployed butler

Laundry. Cleaning. Vacuum..ing… Changing the sheets. A complete home organization. Organization of buying and carrying food and everything… Preparing breakfast, lunch, dinner… Those jobs… as well as a lot of other jobs, but not listed here, are the jobs from several different professions…such as; Cleaners, chefs, assistants, butlers and finally…”Full-time unemployed butler’s jobs”.

JLo is only partially right when she says:”Ain’t your mother…”. I’d rather say: “Ain’t your butler…” Because I don’t think a mother should be a “full-time unemployed butler” either. A mother loves her children and she would do anything for them, but she also needs her time and has to be loved.

Each of these jobs requires time, work and effort, as well as every other job. We all know that “time is money”. Right? Well, read the following: Everyone’s time!  Time is very personal. Time is all we have. The one who gives you his time for free loves you and respects you. But do you? 

We must love these smarty-pants…who are doing their job…let’s say, from 8 am – 5 pm…and come home at 6 or 7 pm. They live together with their partner who isn’t currently employed because he/she is working “ONLY” at home:) and… let’s see; it’s already around 6 pm , smarty has arrived home, tired from work and expects from his/her “full-time unemployed butler “ (A partner who works “only” at home) who spent the whole day in the house and also worked if you count up to 5pm…to make a dinner, to bring clean towels? And if we analyze that, they both worked the whole day. Wisdoms about “the most valuable job. And both up to 5 pm. But somehow it’s often expected that the job of a cleaner or a chef from that day continues to be done by a “full-time unemployed butler”. It’s not right.

Why am I calling it a full-time unemployed butler? Because it’s a full-time job, but not a “real” one. It means… it costs somebody’s time and it isn’t paid.

Sometimes the partners and the family agree on who’ll be the “home butler”… or they share their obligations. As long as it’s teamwork and as long as there is respect. That’s great.

But… if you work alone full-time butler job because you have more time than others, or because that job is best done by you…  Make it official. Do it. Don’t forget it’s your time. Your free time. The time you can think, you can rest, you can spend time with your kids, you can write, you can read… The whole world is yours. So, do it right away!

If you take the job of the “home butler”, all by yourself, very soon you’ll become a “full-time unemployed butler” and then you’re done;). Then just try to sit and read if you didn’t finish cooking or doing something…You’ll get that look. Like the boss look…    

We can agree that one can work only for the paycheck and the other one can stay at home to save some of that common money by doing the job of the cleaner, the chef, nanny and everything…  In that case, It could be called: Teamwork. But anyway… should that be official? For example, who will do a “butler” job after 6 pm and on the weekends?

If there is any debate over who earns more, then it’s a “home butler” for sure. He/She does up to five jobs. You can’t win that.

You can be a parent or a partner. Of course, you love them, help them, protect them, you are always there for them… but you need to have yourself. Your time. And then… you become a better parent, better partner, and most important… better You. 

If you are the one who has a “full-time unemployed butler” at your home right now… Go home!  Go wash the toilets. To read; Wisdoms about “the most valuable job



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