Mad Smart-ax

Movement on the wide three-lane looks simple, but it is not…For some drivers…

I’m driving my car every day on that highway…   Today, it was so crowded there.  All three lanes on that road were totally full.  I was driving 60 where actually the limit was 50…So, still in accordance with regulations, and how the current situation allowed me to. When I finally adjusted my driving speed…And I was in the fastest lane  …I saw in my rearview mirror; It was, Mr. Mad Smart-ax …

Who are the Mr. Mad Smart-axes, you are asking me? They are those drivers who like to hang on “your back” and who like to annoy you. They stick to your car. And they want to throw you out of the road. Because… You’re on the road.  This most likely to happens on the road in the fastest-lane. They usually drive faster than you… actually faster than everybody. They come so close, enough that you can see their angry face in the rearview mirror, and you can hear them screaming at you…  Yeah …These are Mr. Mad Smart-axes.

To be clear…You shouldn’t drive slow in the fastest lane, and to bother others… There are rules for all three lanes, and if you’re a driver, you know that very well.  But… If there is crowd… we all have to adjust our speed according to the situation.  YES. Even if you have a Ferrari.

So, If it’s a crowded… and everyone in the fastest lane drives 50, You can’t expect from everyone in that lane to move for you in a slower lane and just because of you. Considering that in a slower lane all cars are driving 10 slower than those in the fastest lane.

This means you think they should slow down (not you, of course). And move for YOU to another lane (slower for them)? Really? And when you, Mr. Mad Smart-ax, pass… Then, they must speed up their speed again. (Which WAS their speed in the first place) …to return to the fastest lane again… To be right behind you?   YES. You’d be right in front. Because it’s crowded, remember?  And It’s not possible to drive faster. YES. Even if you have a Ferrari.

So… Mr. Mad Smart-ax, Please… Recognize yourself. Keep the distance. Adjust Your speed to the current road conditions. If the fastest lane is slower, it means all lanes are crowded. No lights or honks are needed. Put your hands down, please. And… Relax . Listen to the music.  And wait for… your speed. Don’t worry if someone is In front of you. If you are sitting in your Ferrari, we all know that you are the fastest one. So continue to smile, please.

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