New Men

Today I came from one of the well-known clothing stores (a trade chain). A three-floor store. (women’s, men’s and child’s floor). Since I’ve become a mother, I spend most of the time in the child’s department. I currently have a phase…that I’m enjoying this department:).  – Usually…I hate crowds and I actually avoid them. If I see the crowd somewhere, I leave. Anywhere. Nothing is so important or urgent to me that would make me stay in the crowd. If it’s crowded, I prefer choosing other days or other places…

Today, when I came to the child’s department, it wasn’t crowded…exactly the opposite. Just the way I like. After about half an hour, I ended up with my shopping and I went to the cash register… But unbelievably… the cash register on child’s floor was suddenly closed. They sent me to the bottom floor (women’s department) on the register. I thought… maybe there are just a few people at this time in the whole store, so they are directing customers from all departments to that one at that time and it’s temporary…But…As soon as I got down and saw that big line at the cash register…I was so angry. I just overtook the big line and headed to the manager, with an angry face…

ME: “Excuse me, I’m coming from child’s department, from upstairs… I planned to pay for the goods there. But the cash register upstairs is closed for some reason… Is there any possibility that someone opens that cash register?  If not…I’ll come next time. Because here on the ground floor you have a long line for cash register…”

In the meantime … While I was passing through the line to the manager, somebody was screaming at me from that line (a man);  “We are all here waiting, look at her how she passes like we don’t exist”…(He was talking about me). I turned behind and asked… him: “Are you talking to me?”  HE: “Yes…to you. Go on to the end of the line and wait”… He still talked about something …actually he was so chubby… so I didn’t get the chance to say that I didn’t intend to wait in that line anyway… So I ignored him… I know, I should do that right away, but… he was so loud and everyone looked at me… and I didn’t.

MANAGER finally answering me: “What? Why is nobody out there? There must be someone upstairs … I mean, can you please go upstairs and I’ll invite someone right away …I apologize for that.”

Later…and before writing this blog…I told my dad about this situation, and he told me that this man was completely right:) – MY DAD: “And I would also yell at you if I saw you going through the line in which I’m standing and waiting.” ME: “Okay, you’re a grandpa, so it’s okay”:) …But Yes. It would be pretty ok If a grandpa yelled in a supermarket’s line, but a man in a designer clothes store?  Anyway…This isn’t so terrible at all. That’s maybe completely normal, and a bit funny situation. But it made me think… I can’t hide that I notice for some time now…That…Men of today (I call them “new men”) are a bit different… The men who are today wearing only designer clothes, have a lot of shoes, and they are afraid…of the spider.

Not so long ago, my colleague said to me: “I don’t know what to do with my husband … he spent a lot of money on his sneakers. He has at least 10 pairs and in all colors…” …I was listening that and… what ??? (I didn’t say that. I thought) …Thought about those men of today… How they are so different than before…I mean from those from my age…(and I’m not really so old:))  … But then there were different guys and men…

To be understood. … I don’t have anything against a fact that a man likes to dress well and in designers clothes… But from such a beautifully dressed men a nice gesture, respect, decent behavior towards everyone and especially towards women is least expected…I mean, it is expected from him to be a gentleman (chivalry). I expect:)

When I say men, I don’t mean those who are drinking beer and watching games the whole day… That’s not … That’s nothing. I think about those men who don’t think so much, who are more relaxed about fashion, and about everything:). Men who have a set of tools instead of the shoes… Men who understand that a car is a bunch of iron, not a baby… I know, I’m talking now about a perfect man. But may I?

So…I would really expect from a woman to get into the fight because of the line in a boutique and because of the clothes… But a man?  – I know, now I sound like I’m discriminating. But I’m not. I have a super cool friend who loves fashion so much and has more sneakers than me, but… he would never get in a fight with the woman because of the line and in a boutique… he would stay the whole day in that line to let all the women pass before him if needed. – Everybody finally understands what I’m talking about?

It would appear very strange to me if my husband tried out his clothes in front of a mirror and made his hairstyle for 30 minutes. And If I had to wait to get into the bathroom 30 minutes or more because of him…   – But Hey, that’s just me.

I’m married, but If I should look for a husband now, first he would have to pass these three tests;

a) Change the car’s tire
b) Catch the spider
c) Get ready to go out from the house in five:)

Again, It’s not discrimination. I just notice… that men change. I’m sorry, but It’s weird to me when I see a man who doesn’t know how to change a light bulb or when he sees a grasshopper, that he is the one who jumps higher:)

I know. We are all human beings, we all have feelings and fears and we are fighting for equality…that’s great But generally… what’s happening?

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