We are all someone’s audience. Somebody’s fans. We follow and support the winners…athletes, musicians, actors… But we often forget that we should have an audience too. We all actually have it, somewhere out there…but we often don’t use it. Have you already found your… audience?

You are watching the games, going to the cinema, buying CDs, reading books, buying new products… and everything… You talk about their (winners) success… You help them to succeed. They exist after all because of you and for you. It’s so positive and completely justified, especially if they do a really good work. But are you just that? Are you just WATCHING the game? Are you just someone’s audience? You know…we are all made to be players, but it is only us who decide for ourselves whether we are playing or just sitting on the bench.

The winners are beyond… You know why? Because they play.

Yes, they all have something… They are talents. They are special. They ARE up there somewhere… but not just because they are talents, special or they have that something… but because they play. They are in the game. And you? Do you play your game? Or are you just sitting there, admiring the winners?

As you watch the winners…I mean players, actors, and athletes… how they live and everything they have… what they actually have thanks to you (their audience) and because they decided to play and work hard…you probably think you would like that too… be popular, rich, beautiful, respected, successful…

And you don’t even think about…playing, and you aren’t even aware that you actually CAN have all of this. You just have to … play. Because the only difference between “you” and “them” is that they play and you don’t. It’s simple… If you don’t play the game, you can’t win the game… And if you play… then you’re in the game … to win, of course.

“Just remember, you can’t win the game if you don’t even play it”

I understand. You love baseball. You are the baseball fan. You have your favorite baseball club. You go regularly to the baseball games. You don’t miss any baseball game. You buy the best tickets for every game. When there is no game …you will find a place where people who like baseball like you hang out, so you can talk about baseball with them… You’re wearing a baseball hat. You are dressing like a baseball player… but wait a minute… why don’t you play Baseball?

Of course, you understand that I don’t think it has to be baseball? Yes. It can be anything you’re good at. But you need to play … your game.

I recently read a very motivational post on one of the social networks. Something like this: “You can all become millionaires if you want… even overnight. Let’s say this is very simple nowadays, in this century. For example… you can just place your unique product online for sale… sell it and become rich.”

Yes. I totally agree it sounds simpler than it really is. But this is supposed to be a motivational post. So you can dream on… or laugh. It was nothing personal… but when I read the comments below that post I was so surprised… Most of the comments were … so anti-motivational … here are some of them;

• “It sounds great to be true…”

• “Oh yes, but tell me what to sell…”

• “…and how much you have to invest to make this product… and then maybe you’ll not sell a single one…and then what?”

I think these comments were mostly made by the audience…I’m sure the players laughed from afar…

“It’s simple, but it just ain’t easy.”

“We are all in the same game, just at different levels.”

Be a player. The game doesn’t end until you play, even if certain moments you feel you’re losing… It doesn’t matter as long as you play. As long as you play, you’re in the game… to win.

True, there is something important in this, and that is to know the “rules” of the game… Learn from other players, read, observe, and be patient … persistent. The most important rule in each game is to respect all the other players and their game. If you don’t respect them, then you’re not a real player.

“You have to learn the rules of the game, and then play better than anyone else.”

You can. But you have to play and want to win (to achieve your goal). Otherwise … You’re just the audience.

“Not everyone who play wins… right away…”

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