When your neighbor rings at your door at two o’clock in the morning because his brain is leaking…I mean water… (He has mentioned some water leaking but…it was two in the morning) …and of course, your baby woke up because of him and couldn’t fall asleep easily again after that…  Then, you wake up too late in the morning and you have just five minutes to get ready for work…and don’t forget that you woke up with a catastrophic hairstyle. There’s more… Somehow, over the night, you become fat… (All your clothes suddenly don’t fit you this morning… I mean, you don’t have what to wear!!!) …It’s raining outside. The same day you find out your best friend betrayed you… Your partner left you…Your child had fallen in the school and is injured. You’ve been fired…The toilet got clogged while you were using it in someone’s home… All this or similar happened to you? … In the one/same day? week?… And what happened to you ruined your day? week? …and harmed your self-confidence? … O yes. It happens. To everyone.

Some people think this doesn’t happen to everyone. They think such things only happen to them. They are wrong. We all have a stage in our lives when we’re “down”. (One motivational: If we’re never down, how will we get up?)  It’s Life. So let’s dance…I mean, live. On such mornings, days, weeks,… You just have to press SKIP. Where…is that button? In your/our head. What does that mean? It means exactly that. Just press the SKIP…

Don’t pay special attention to that unexpected and stupid happenings…Let them be funny to you… Ignore. Skip. You can go with a crazy hairdo to work today, it’s raining anyway:)  …And because of your hairstyle, no one will notice that you look fat today…so that’s good. Just dress yourself to feel comfortable and don’t think… Try laughing and telling jokes today, about your haircut and everything… That’s what I’m calling a SKIP. Accept, laugh…I mean press skip and wait for your “cloud” to pass by.

Of course, your/our “SKIP” method depends on how large and dark that “cloud” is. But that’s on you/us… Sometimes we all have those days when we think these days are… unpleasant, awful, stupid or the worst days of our lives. We feel anxious because of that days, then we are often wondering why us? why now?… (You know about, that; why me, actually should mean: try me?)  Sometimes we feel like everything falls apart, everything goes wrong… a feeling like we’re falling without anything near that could keep us holding… And why? Because of a “cloud”? No. We definitely need to skip that…On that day or week, we can do something completely different than usual… We can stay at home, drinking a chamomile and eating a bunch of chocolate, we can do the general cleaning of our house, we can go dancing, we can travel, we can watch “our” movie again, which nobody knows we love (because it’s “shameful” if you watch a hundred times the same movie… especially if that is Sweet Home Alabama:)). I mean… Do whatever makes you happier … only that it’s a good SKIP. Skip is a switch in our mind, which turns us from a bad situation to a good one… And at the same time, instead of weakening us, it makes us stronger.

I always remember my sister’s “skip method” when she hears something terrible about something that happened …or when she feels any discomfort… She actually (in that sudden moment) begins to think about something else, about something she likes, something that makes her laugh, something that makes her feel good…  So honest and original SKIP and I so love it.

Here is a story;  After my training in the women’s dressing room you can hear everything, but really everything … That day I heard that original SKIP from my sister.  -Everything was fun there, girls talked about some relaxed topics, and then one of them accidentally began to talk about one of the events from her job from that day… and she worked in UR…gent help. When her story started to became really disgusting …right away I heard my sister …she started loudly to repeating: “omg…omg… Legally Blonde…Legally Blonde…” (she was thinking about the movie Legally Blonde:) ) – She actually wanted to stop that girl from saying all those disgusting things, that were coming… and at the same time, she wanted to turn her thoughts into something she thinks it’s funny and beautiful… Because she wasn’t in the mood for bad news. She totally succeeded. She for herself and for everybody in that cloakroom. Everyone laughed. the “UR” story stopped … and other topics have started.   Was so original. I loved it. 

Have your own SKIP. Don’t allow some events, phases and falls… effect on your strength, on you … you need that power for the next climb… because after the fall a climb always follows… It’s a life. Nothing is unsolvable. None stage lasts forever. And if you use the SKIP, no matter what made you “down”… except you’ll be able to enjoy this stage, you’ll gain extra strength to climb when the time comes. Skip can switch bad days into the good days. 

Get your positive energy and… The universe will remove the feeling of sadness, discomfort, anxiety… is not worth it. Press skip. Your skip. Surprise yourself. Surprise your cloud. Show your neighbors how it actually works.  Rest, don’t Quit. Skip, don’t fall.

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