Time of the truth

I know. In fact, we all know and we’ve known it for a long time, that everything around these holidays is a bit inflated… basically, it means money… And we pretend we are not getting it:) Let’s say, it’s something like… we know someone is cheating on us, but we pretend nothing happened because it’s comfortable for us for some reason and right now. In the time of Christmas holidays, we love to feel all that music and food, and to see all that millions of lights, decorations and Santa Clauses dancing on every corner of the street and around us… We enjoy all of it because somehow that’s tradition and presents a good feeling, family, friends… and most important, gifts:) …

What inspired me to write this blog’s headline “Time of the truth” is the story about Santa… The story that has been told to us in many different ways through history. Frankly, until this year, Santa was for me a “figure” that shared the gifts. I didn’t think beyond that… you know… when you don’t even care until you are getting gifts:) 

This year I’m the mother of a child who started to understand the world, and It’s time to meet him with Santa…? What can I tell him who’s that? And I don’t even know. I actually I know, I googled it…Briefly; It’s an imaginative figure and a story like any other…  but … when I “meet” him on the street I don’t know who Is that (under the mask). I just know somebody is dressed like Santa…

When I look around and I see we are actually telling our children that this figure of fantasy is actually a real one and that he bring gifts if you’re “good” whatever that means… Or more… when I see parents or educators encouraging their children to actually write a letter to that person, thinking that he will actually get that letters… I feel strange. Is something wrong with me? Okay, I am one of those who likes to get a gift (A gift which I can replace if I don’t like it;) ) But…

It is clear to all of us that we are receiving, gifts from our Mom and Dad, or husband or wife… Gifts are bought secretly … and we are all pretending we don’t know what’s happening:)  …but we don’t write a letter to Santa. We start few weeks before (as before our birthday) chatting about what we need and stuff…to our closest family (who buy a gift). I don’t get it why we underestimate our children with stories about someone who doesn’t exist. When I look at my son I see a smart and intelligent person. Somehow I feel would offend him with lying to him about… and why? Just because everyone around does that? I don’t know what would I answer him if he asks me someday: “Mom, did you lie to me when telling that Santa actually exist?” – I actually don’t see why people think it’s better to lie to them… And children want gifts like we do, regardless of the story:). Sometimes I think they know the truth, but they don’t want to offend their parents. Why don’t we simply say that it is a fictional story that people invented just as any other story, that… : “It’s us – people. We dress up in Santa and buy gifts to each other. Yes. We are having fun under the masks, you can do it too if you feel like it. And yes. Gifts you are getting are from your mom and dad. They sometimes spend a few wages on your gift. And sometimes they are looking for days for the gift you want. And all that regardless of whether you were good or bad (whatever that means)”

I mean…when they are one year old. We begin to give them to eat what we eat. When we go outside, we dress them as warm as we are. And then… when they are three years old. we don’t tell them what we know… (of course in a way and in accordance with their age), but we lie…?

I don’t know. I wouldn’t like my child to write to someone (he doesn’t know…and who I don’t know) a letter in which he is saying what he wants… Why would I encourage him to write his personal secrets and wishes to a stranger? (The one you’ve never seen or met is a stranger) Why wouldn’t he say to me, what he wants…? Moms and dads are children’s greatest and only Santa. I would really love to (and rather) that children learn the strategy how to explain to parents what they want for Christmas… and insensibly:) (like we do)  For example: “Hey mum, those Lego cars are so educational and, I mean will help me develop more my creativity…what do you think? maybe for Christmas?” (and to look at me by the way… like; You know what I mean… buy me this for Christmas;)… I want that.

I mean …and all that photographing with a stranger on the street dressed in a costume… I really don’t like that. How do we know who’s under the mask? (Except within a family circle) What? I exaggerate? Turn around a little … Do you believe everyone?

This is a new generation … a new era … ok, let’s buy gifts and have fun… But Letters? really? – I know I’ve decided. I’ll tell the truth. It doesn’t necessarily mean that if we tell the truth that we will kill the feeling, it’s just the opposite, we will spread and release the truth. That can only increase that feeling.

This is a new time. Google time. Time of the truth. 



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